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I commend to you the article which appeared in the Southwark Diocesan newspaper.'Jubilee 2000 a debt free start for a billion people.' This is a modern-day expression of the Old Testament message of Jubilee - a cancelling of debts, a release from slavery, a new beginning.

Jubilee 2000's aim is calling for a debt-free start to a new millennium for a billion poor people in the world. We have a vital role as Christians, to engage our local communities in discussion about trying to identify the needs of society for the 21st century as we celebrate the 2000th anniversary of Christ's birth.

The main emphasis of the Christian celebration now seems to be (rightly I think) Pentecost 2000 which is the celebration of the birthday of the Christian Church rather than Christmass 1999 or 1st January 2000. The latter is being left as a secular celebration which is what it is! There will be some exciting events to mark this and I will keep you in touch with what is planned nearer the time.

I am delighted to see that there will now be some important celebrations at the big Christian churches and other big centres for Pentecost (as I suggested in our February magazine.) Did somebody read our St George's News on the internet I wonder?

With my prayers and blessing.

Your priest and friend.

written by Fr Malcolm Ferrier

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