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With Ash Wednesday looming up on the 13th February, I thought I would take the opportunity to promote once again the inexpensive range of booklets for Lent (and Easter) available through Redemptorist Publications. At only 50p each they represent excellent value for money, can be carried easily and used whilst travelling if needed and help to focus the mind for a few minutes each day during the Lenten season. Amongst those available, I have: -

How Many - A book of Daily Lenten Devotions for Children and their Families by Arden W Mead. This encourages families to delve into their Bibles and find out. For example, How Many... Sparrows are sold for a Penny? (Matthew 10.29-31 and Luke 12.6-7) or How Many times did Peter deny that he knew Jesus? (Luke 22.33-34 and Luke 22.55-62). After the answer has been found, there follows a short piece to think and reflect on.

Through Lent with Those who Prayed by Arden W Mead. I like this booklet very much. The author dips into the Old and New Testaments to listen to the prayers of Daniel, Jonah, Paul, Elijah, Hannah, Jairus, Mary and, of course, Jesus Himself. Again after the prayer there is a short narrative.

Do come and have a look for yourself.

Lynn Winter

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