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Saying the Lord's Prayer: a reflection from Nicaragua

Don't say 'Father' if you don't behave like a son each day.
Don't say 'Our' if you only ever think of yourself.
Don't say, 'As it is in heaven' if you only ever think of earthly matters.
Don't say 'Hallowed be your name' if you don't honour that name.
Don't say 'Your kingdom come' if you are weighed down with material goods.
Don't say 'Your will be done' if you don't accept the hard times.
Don't say 'Our daily bread' if you have no concern for the hungry or the homeless.
Don't say 'Forgive us our sins' if you remain angry with your brothers.
Don't say 'Lead us not into temptation' if you intend to continue sinning.
Don't say 'Deliver us from evil' if you won't make a stand against injustice.
Don't say 'Amen' without considering the words of your prayer.

 received via Christian Aid from Nicaragua, one of the many Countries where Christian Aid is present.

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