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Here are a few suggestions taken from the latest titles for Spring reading / giving.

The Cloisters of Iona Abbey by Ewan Mathers.

This comprises a collection of beautiful photographs depicting in detail the carvings of the restored cloisters of Iona Abbey, with text reflecting on the meaning of each design and information about the flora and fauna of the Isle of Iona and beyond which most of the carvings represent. This use of symbols from the natural world reflects the close links of the early Celtic Christians with the land around them.

ISBN 1 901557 60X - £14.99

Standing in God's Holy Fire by John Anthony McGuckin.

Offers an excellent introduction to the Byzantine tradition showing the key themes and values of their spirituality and highlights the relevance of these to the experience of the modern day reader.

ISBN 0 232 52386 - £8.95

The Wisdom of Each Other. A Conversation between Spiritual Friends by Eugene H Peterson.

Most of the time, what we need isn't expert advice - it's a friend's wisdom. Through a series of letters written to a friend, the author brings to life friendship as a means to Christian maturity.

ISBN 310 24247 9 £6.99

Where's Jesus? Stephen Jeffs and Sarah Beth Laver.

This changing picture book for young children shows that everywhere Jesus went something exciting happened. He healed a man who couldn't walk, calmed a storm, fed a huge crowd of people with a boy's packed lunch, made a blind man see and cured ten men from leprosy.

ISBN 0 86347 457 8 - £4.99

All suggestions taken from The New Titles March 2002 Leaflet from The Distribution Company, Alphonsus House, Chawton, Hampshire, GU34 3HQ. Telephone 01420 88222.


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