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It has been over a year since I last reviewed a Christian Novel for children (The Kentle-Shaddy Knows Something by E.M.Moir - November 2001). My searchings have uncovered a series produced by the Scripture Union, "The Seasiders". There are four in the series all of which take place in a seaside town. There is a core of familiar characters in each book, in addition, new ones are introduced.

Liar, by Kathy Lee

In "Liar" by Kathy Lee we meet ten years old Katie Martin. She lives at the Sea View Hotel with her Mum who also works there. Life has been difficult for Katie and her Mum, circumstances have necessitated them fleeing from town to town. They try at last to settle in their new life. The story goes on to relate how Katie earns extra money to buy her Mother a birthday present. The danger of going off with a stranger is covered. We learn about Katie's fight to tell the truth and, with the help of her friend Grace and Grace's Mum (and without a doubt The Holy Spirit) her realisation of the presence of God as her Heavenly Father.

An easy to read, enjoyable book with a clear message. Age group around 8 to 11 years.

'Liar' by Kathy Lee. A Seaside Story. (Scripture Union). £2.99.

ISBN 1 85999 357 5


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