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Kairos (formerly the Diocesan Strategic Review) is a Greek word that suggests a decisive moment, a time to change, and a season which God has given for us to think afresh about all we do. It is the title of the process we all in the church are about to undertake, with the aim of building a new, responsive and effective church. In our deanery the launch day is 15th March, with a Road Show starting at 7:30pm at Catherington church hall. I hope as many people as possible will be there.

Kairos, in the form of a phone call from the Bishop, visited the Coutts household too. He has asked me to become Priest in charge of Blendworth, Chalton and Idsworth, a half-time post and also Diocesan Director of Non-Stipendiary Ministry. Of course in God's economy two half time jobs add up to more than one.

It is with some regret that I therefore announce our leaving Purbrook after Easter, this year. Next month, I will use this article to say my 'thank yous' but this month I am going to explain what I will be doing. Of course, despite my regrets at leaving, it is an exciting prospect.

The three parishes are a real chance to experience rural ministry and look after some ancient churches, where the continuity of the Christian faith is to be seen and felt. Blendworth is very similar in age and people to St. John's; Idsworth, an old Saxon hunting chapel and Chalton, a fine early English church - next to a good pub!

The Diocesan job, is to look after those coming forward for ordination in the Diocese, from their first enquiry, to after ordination, by way of seeing to their preparation and training needs; getting them ready for the selection conferences and also contributing to their eventual placement in parishes. It is quite a busy job, reporting to the bishop and being part of the Board of Ministry. It will also be a fast learning curve and we will be grateful for your prayers.

God bless you all

Rural Dean.

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