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Wanted - A Treasurer

As most of you know I am standing down as Church Treasurer at the April 2005 APCM. Ideally we need to find the next treasurer now to begin to learn the ropes by shadowing me for a few months prior to handover. I need to pass on the knowledge and practical experience I have gained during my eight years as treasurer because although much of it is written down a lot of it is in my head! The treasurer's life will be more straightforward without the extra work created by the Interregnum.

I outline the duties below.

1). Weekly counting and banking of monies with a second person present for security during bank working hours.

2). Keeping cash book entries up to date.

3). Dealing with bills / correspondence on a daily / weekly basis.

4). Action letters to treasurers from the diocese.

5). Attend PCC meetings and produce financial summary for each meeting.

6). Write magazine article 10 times a year.

7). Submit tax gift aid records quarterly to claims recorder/secretary at the end of March, June, September and December.

8). Collate accounts for church, hall and all other church groups during January for financial year January to December, and produce on an accruals basis in the format required by the Charity Commissioners.

9). Submit for typing, check and present to Independent Auditor for examination during February.

10).  Copy examined accounts to PCC for finance meeting early March for approval and then copy to all interested parties prior to APCM in late March / early April.

11). Prepare annual finance return to diocese by end of April.

12). Attend occasional finance sub committee meetings, and prepare budget for subsequent year in November / December, and attend Diocesan treasurers' meeting in September.

13). Be available to deal with finance at major fund raising events, Fête, Bazaar, Auction etc. or in absence arrange cash floats etc beforehand.

Realistically I think the duties may now have to be subdivided. For instance, someone could do the banking, someone else the book keeping aspect and pay the bills; but unless there is an individual with the time and expertise to collate the accounts at the end of the financial year the church will have to come to terms with the fact that a professional may have to be paid for doing it in the future.

Carol McKells our Claims Recorder and Secretary of course already deals with the planned giving and gift aid tax reclaims from the Inland Revenue. Whoever takes on the duties of treasurer will no doubt wish to computer produce the accounts. I regret I can be of no assistance with that aspect but I know other treasurers and diocesan advisers can help.

Anyone who feels they could take on all or some of the duties please speak to the Churchwardens, Father Mike or myself.

Linda Wainwright

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