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With the school holidays all but over, Christmas begins to fill the supermarket shelves. You'll be pleased to note that after September 1st there are just 115 shopping days left! A friend of mine boasts that she likes to do all her Christmas shopping whilst on holiday in August. I wonder how she's done this year ™ and if she's been successful, what's she going to do during those 115 days?

More important than looking that far ahead however, is the fact that this month our children and young people return to schools and colleges. For some it will be another year in the same place whilst for others it will be transferring from one school to another, or maybe to a college. For yet another group it will be their first experience of school - a challenging time for both children and parents. Wherever they go - starting a new class, a new course, a new school or a new college, September can be a frightening time for children and young people. The security of familiar friends and places is suddenly removed and especially for those in SATS or GCSE years, or in the sixth form, the pressure to do well in exams grows.

As a parish within the Church of England we have a responsibility to all those who live in the town of Waterlooville. This September then, think about and pray for the children and young people who are starting or returning to schools and colleges, and especially for those known to us from our own congregation. And as you pray for the children, remember too the teachers and school staff who also need our prayers and our support.

Father, we offer you our thanks for the gift of education.
Bless we pray all who teach and all who learn,
that they may be granted your wisdom
and experience your presence in their lives. Amen.



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