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St Mary's Axim Ceiling Appeal

St Mary Axim Ceiling

Writing this whilst it is so cold, it is hard to imagine it ever being so hot that it is too uncomfortable to go to Church but that is the problem for the congregation at St Mary’s. The Parish Priest, The Reverend Father John Dickson writes:

‘We are attempting to embark on the emergency ceiling of the entire church building for the following reasons: -

a) There is a season in Ghana where the sun is very high and the heat becomes unbearable during church service and it scares some member’s church attendance.
b) Birds have made the church roof their habitation, making the roof unclean.
c) All lighting systems are having temporarily instead of permanent ceiling wiring.
d) Fans and other items cannot be used because of this temporary wiring.
e) If we are to continue waiting, prices of items for the ceiling will keep shooting up.
f) We have been able to cell the sanctuary of the cost of 41 million cedis with the little sum we have but there is the need to continue.
We enclose herewith the photograph to show our effort.’

Father John goes on to say that the contractor’s estimate was for five rows, each row would cost approximately 20 million cedis*. There will be a special retiring collection in January for St Mary’s Ceiling Appeal. Please look out for it. It would be wonderful if we could, in true St George’s tradition, try to help ceiling most, if not all of the church.

Lynn Winter

* 1 million Ghanaian Cedis = approx. £52

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