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2008 Challenges

Instead of new year’s resolution, why not take up the monthly St George’s challenges?

January: Reconsider your church giving and updating by at least inflation.
Consider your method of giving. Change to Standing Order.
Come to the Revue.

February: Lent starts on Wednesday 6th February – Join a Lent Group.

March: Attend plenty of Easter services, Good Friday and Easter Day as a minimum

April: Come to the APCM and vote in a new Churchwarden and three new PCC members.
Come to the Parish Lunch.

May: Talk to someone you don’t know in church or in the hall afterwards.

June: Buy a passport ticket to the Music Festival.
Come along and support the fete.
July: Write an article for the magazine

August: Take a month off challenges!

September: Sponsor someone cycling for the Historic Churches Trust and our own church.
October: Join in for the autumn grounds clear up. Two hours one Saturday morning.

November: Think of a new and different stall for the bazaar and prepare for it.

December: Bake a cake for the bazaar. This year there were far too few cakes.

Tony Rice-Oxley

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