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Marriage in the 21st Century

This was the title of a Diocesan Day held at St George’s Church, Portsea on 11th October 2007, and organised by the MU.

The Revd Peter Lippett led the morning session, which he called ‘Reflecting on Marriage’.  In his first 15 minute s he considered ‘Changing marriage’. This included questions that might be put to young couples presenting themselves for marriage preparation, including such thoughts as ‘Who cleans the loo?’  Then he asked’ What is our model of marriage?’

  After a break we looked at relevant Biblical passages. These included ‘Marriage as a creation ordinance. E.g. Gen.2 18,24.  Matt.19 4-6.  As ‘A Celebration of sexual Love’ we read from the Song of Solomon 7:6-9 8:6-7.  Finally under ‘Yearning desire: intimacy’ we looked at Isaiah 49:14-16, and Psalm 42: 1-49.

Some time was spent in Private reflection considering a number of questions and if so moved we could make a ‘Map of my life and loves’ to take away.

 A second short talk entitled ‘Marriage a school of spirituality?’ followed plus a discussion before we held our Midday prayers and lunch.

 Opening the afternoon session Canon Nick Ralph, .Diocesan Social Responsibilities Adviser, gave a short power point presentation showing modern statistics relevant to marriage and he considered the Church’s position on marriage today. He asked such questions as ‘Why have a church wedding?’.

  Finally Noreen Thomson, who works for Relate explained aspects of her work and then set us some group exercises, the outcome of which produced both insight and mirth.

  In all it was a day well spent and we were reminded that Christian marriage is an ideal to be aspired to and worked for.  A good marriage increases the mental and physical health not only of the couple concerned but of their offspring too.

  The programme was well balanced and varied and would have been of value to younger folk, had they been free to attend.  [A crèche was provided]

Margaret Symonds

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