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Financial Update

Standing orders 2079.00 Parish Share 4844.10
Envelopes 597.50 Assigned fees due 969.00
Gift Aid Tax 1948.73
Loose plate collections 85.10
Charity shop proceeds 3250.00
Other fundraising 307.00
Bulb sales 105.00

Retiring collection is aid of Two Saints Centres amounted to £218.72. At the end of October, the bank balance stood at £4044.33, bearing in mind that the Parish Share was one month in arrears.

Standing Orders 1872.00 Parish share 4844.10
Envelopes 1127.62 Boiler maintenance 145.00
Loose plate collections 177.53 Work to trees in the
Sale of bulbs 355.00 church grounds 250.00
Sale of Votives 50.71
Sponsored bike ride for
historic churches 220.00

Retiring collection in aid of Brooke Hospital for Animals amounted to £188.99. The collections for the Bangladesh Disaster Fund came to £168.15 (£50 being donated by the Wednesday Coffee collections). The bank balance stood at £2260.13.

As always, if you have any queries please feel free to come and ask and I will endeavour to provide the information needed.

With thanks.

Carol McKells
Hon Treasurer to the PCC

The end of St. George’s financial year is quickly approaching and I would like to take this opportunity to ask all those who need to prepare their respective Accounts for the end of year, that this could be done as soon as possible once we are into 2008, please.

This part of the Treasurer’s job seems to come around very quickly and for some strange reason I seem to look forward to it.

A summarised overview of the past two months’ finances which do not include utilities and other smaller amounts:

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