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Are you a Mate or a Babe?

Has anyone noticed, as I have, the move towards these strange terms of address from people you do not know, particularly those working in shops. Many years ago the term of address to a customer would have been Sir or Madam. As part of the dumbing down of all conversation this reverted to other less respectful forms of address – mate or more simply a grunt!

People I have never seen before have suddenly become my “mates”. When I was shoved out of someone’s way, the apology was “Sorry, Mate”. I felt like arguing the case that I was not his or her mate. This term “Mate” went on for many years but now it seems to have been replaced with the term “Babe”. I went into a shop recently and was addressed as “Babe” no fewer than six times during the course of my purchase. I looked around for the Candid Camera as I thought it was a joke, but No….it was simply the new form of address.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a Babe? Be careful, because someone out there does!

Tony Rice-Oxley

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