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Baptism Visitors

Can you spare a bit of time?

If you can spare an occasional hour after church on a Sunday and a half hour in the week or so before hand you could be the answer to our prayers. The team of happy Baptism Visitors is a bit stretched during the summer months, which is the peak period for baptisms. We could really do with a couple more people to help out and spread the load. All it entails is calling on the family before their baptism date to give them a pack which tells them about the service and a bit about the parish. You may need to answer questions about toilets and photography and assure them that children are welcomed and catered for. If there are difficult questions about theological matters they can be referred to Fr. Mike – you don’t need to be able to deal with that. Then, on the allotted Sunday we ask you to be at church to welcome the family, point them in the right directions and be there as a parish representative. It is not difficult and families have appreciated a familiar face when they get to St. George’s.

For more details please ask Rosemary Monk or Dick and Lesley Handy.

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