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Here is a selection of new books from the Bible Reading Fellowship.

Mentoring for Spiritual Growth by Tony Horsfall. This is a comprehensive introduction to spiritual mentoring from an author with international experience of leading retreats, speaking and writing in this area. Using the idea of journeying together, Tony Horsfall looks at what it means to be a spiritual friend, the qualities and skills needed, key issues and insights, the goals of mentoring, and mentoring those with questions of faith. ISBN 978 1 84101 562 0. £7.99

The Fourfold Leadership of Jesus by Andrew Watson. Under the four headings, ‘Come to me’, ‘Follow me’, ‘Wait for me’ and ‘Go for me’, Andrew Watson considers models of leadership based on the commands of Jesus to his disciples. Watson, who has successfully pioneered three church plants, emphasises that the key to being a good leader is faithfully following Jesus and explores how the Bible can be as helpful a resource as secular management theory. ISBN 978 1 84101 435 7 £7.99

Six Men - Encountering God by Brad Lincoln. In these six gripping true stories, it is clear that turning to Christ can be gradual as well as a dramatic change. This book has stories from all walks of life, including a rock climber facing a fatal fall, and a cynic whose prejudices are confounded. Confessional and enigmatic in style, this is your chance to meet the anti-celebrities - the ordinary people going through an extraordinary experience. ISBN 978 1 84101 528 6 £7.99

Crying for the Light by Veronica Zundel. Through 28 Bible reflections, meditative prayers and poetry, Veronica Zundel weaves her own experiences of living with depression, reaching out to others who share similar situations and offering advice to family and friends. Exploring the idea that suffering from depression and having faith do not have to be mutually exclusive. Crying for the Light is not about pulling you out of the darkness but helping you through it with God’s love in your heart. ISBN 978 1 84101 565 1 £5.99

All titles are taken from the Spring 2008 Edition of BRF News. Telephone 01865 319700. Enquiries@brf.org.uk

Lynn Winter

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