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Tail of a reluctant motor caravaner

The Happy Wanderer accused of mistreatment

My mum having acquired a motor caravan has decided that when she goes off and about in it, so do I! She completely ignores all my objections and I thought I was Boss of the house. Having been caught out on her first trip I decided to hide when she next packed up the van for the off, it worked ONCE. Then she decided to pack it up for the off when I was not looking, also fitted a harness on me before I realized it so losing my chance to escape. So devious these humans.

On very stressed out cat

One very stressed out cat

We spent a week at Herne Bay a while ago and when Mum was packing up to leave I realized that she had forgotten to put my harness on me, whoopee!! I thought, this is my chance to get even, so I did a runner. Then hid while she spent over six hours looking for me, this will serve her right for not listening to me. Then I could not believe it, off she went and left me! “Me her little friend”. After three days of wandering with no food or warm bed to sleep on, I decided it was time to look for and work my way into another soft touch, that evening I spotted two young girls leaving a place the humans called “The Club House” and they were heading towards a nice warm caravan, this is my chance I thought, they are bound to have a soft spot for little old me. How right I was, even their dog had to sleep in the car so that I could stay inside with the children and at night sleep on their bed. But they just did not know the quality and type of food I am accustomed to, only giving me dog food to eat, just not good enough for a cat of my standing. I had to endure this for another three days till I was spotted by the site warden who knew my mum had been looking for me and had offered a reward for my return, me famous at last, with a bounty poster and reward on my head.

By Saturday my mum who had heard of my predicament and where I was, came to collect me, I was sorry to say goodbye to my new found friends, at least they got the reward that had been put on my head, they did not want me to go. But as my tum was rather empty by then, I did not argue and let her put me in the dreaded cage and take me back to my life of luxury and to be waited on of course, “it’s only right for a cat of my standing”.

It’s nice to be home again in the warm with a full tummy and to be stretched out on mums lap. I will have to go out soon and check my garden for interlopers, not for too long though just in case she decides to pack up that van again before I get the chance to disappear, well I did not say that I was going to give up doing vanishing tricks did I!!!, I will just have to make sure that it’s in my own domain next time.

Heard her saying something about tablets, whatever they are? Do you think that I ought to contact the Cat Protection League over these forced abductions?

Your friendly mog, SASHA,
owner of Christine Culley

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