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St George's Dragon

St George’s has a Dragon
Adolphus is his name
Though fiery fierce to strangers
To friends he is quite tame.
On most days you will find him
If finding him you want
Prowling somewhere in the nave
Or snoozing by the font.
One Sunday, consternation
Was nowhere to be found
Our friendly little Dragon
Seemed to have gone to ground.
A search was instigated
All likely places checked
Though carefully partaken
Achieved no good effect.
Our final sad conclusion
He’d left his sanctuary
Though happy at St George’s
He needed to be free.
In this we were mistaken
He had not travelled far
Just down the road to Purbrook
A three mile trip by car.
St John’s was celebrating
They had a Festival
St George’s Flower Arrangement
Somewhat unusual.

Amongst its blooms and blossoms
A Dragon much admired
Enjoying the attention
In Sunday Best attired.

St George's Dragon

Janet Johnson

• The Dragon’s birthday is to be celebrated on Sunday 19th October.

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