On April 21st 2017, in an entirely senseless act of vandalism, a person (or persons) entered our church in Waterlooville and smashed up our font and damaged our Paschal candle. 

The font is enormously important to us. So many people in our church and wider local community have been baptised in it over the past decades. 

We have been inundated with good wishes from all across the community with many offers of help.

We are now investigating the possibility, incredibly looking at the pictures, of repairing the font using a local stonemason. In addition we would like to install CCTV so that we can continue to keep our church open during the day - something we think is very important as so many people come into our church to pray, to light a candle for a loved one, or simply to sit quietly.

Please help us if you can. 

An appeal on “Just Giving” raised £580 towards repair or replacement of the Font and improved security. The “Just Giving” appeal is now closed but you can still make a donation HERE.