Waterlooville Music Festival Refunds Policy.

Friday and Saturday Evenings: The Festival Box Office will endeavour to on-sell any returns after all tickets are ‘sold out’. The order in which returns will be sold will be the order in which returns are received, so the sooner tickets are offered for re-sale, the more likely a re-sale will be achieved. An administration charge of £1.50 will be deducted for each ticket on-sold. No refund will be offered if tickets are not successfully re-sold. There is no guarantee that tickets will be successfully resold.

Other evening performances: Advance purchase tickets will be refunded if not required, at the price at which they were purchased less an Administration charge of £1.50 per ticket.

As an alternative, should you be unable to use your advance purchased tickets, you may like to consider selling them or gifting them to friends who may like to attend in your place. All tickets are transferable.

Passport: These consist of a pack of individual tickets for each evening concert (the Standard Passport does NOT include the Last Night). Passport ticket packs will be refunded if not required, at the price at which they were purchased less an Administration charge of £5 per passport pack. Individual tickets forming part of the passport pack are not refundable, under any circumstance, however they are transferable - if you cannot use a ticket for a particular evening, you can give it to a friend!

If you purchased your tickets in 2020, refunds (on terms stated here) are offered for all dates and without deduction of any adminstration fee. A refund will be made in full if positive tested for COVID19 or in imposed self-isolation. In the event that a concert is cancelled, then a full refund will be given. In the event of a concert cancellation, Passport tickets will receive a refund per ticket affected, on a pro-rata basis, ie the cost of the Passport divided by the number of tickets it contains.

The latest date on which to apply for a refund is Friday 27th May 2022 (including tickets purchased in 2020). No refunds will be offered after this date. However late  return of tickets for those concerts that are sold out is appreciated, even if outside the refund period.

All applications for refunds must be made by email to wmf@stgeorgesnews.org stating your Booking Reference number and detailing which tickets you wish to have cancelled and refunded.

All day time concerts are free, and tickets are not required.