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Still plenty of time for reading in the Winter months! What did you receive for Christmas?

Two I would like to mention are firstly, Christmas Long Ago compiled by Tessa Paul. A wonderfully nostalgic book full of interesting trivia and beautiful Victorian illustrations including those of snowmen, snowball fights, bringing home the tree and mixing the pudding. The added delight is more paper technology that enables the picture to change to an associated scene before your eyes. Tango Books.

ISBN 1-85707-003-8 7.99

Secondly, a sequel to the very popular ‘A Wayne in a Manger’ entitled Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars by Gervase Phinn. This is another collection of favourite stories from his Dales books together with some poems from his popular Puffin Poetry books. With regard to the latter, this was one of my favourites:

The inspector asked the little ones,

‘Can anyone tell me

A word that begins with the letter Q?’

And a child said, ‘Quistmas Twee’

Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin Books

ISBN 978-0-718-15417-2 10.00

Two new titles from The Bible Reading Fellowship worth mentioning are:

Celebrating the King James Version by Rachel Boulding. Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version, this is a book of devotional readings using the KJV. Included are many of the best loved passages including Psalms 21-41, Proverbs 31 and Matthew’s account of the Sermon on the Mount. Also included are readings based on the writings of Richard of Chichester and Julian of Norwich and a fascinating article detailing the translation’s cultural significance. BRF

ISBN 978 184101 757 0 9.99

Looking ahead now to Ash Wednesday on 9th March, here is an initial suggestion for consideration for Lent.

Jesus Christ - the Alpha and the Omega, Nigel G Wright. This is the Bible Reading Fellowship’s Lent Book for 2011.

This explores what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ, from Alpha to Omega. The book is in two parts, comprising two journeys. First is an extended exploration of the person and work of Christ from Word present before creation to Messiah reigning in glory at the end of time. The second, shorter journey is through the events of Holy Week, a journey made in the light of the earlier exploration. BRF.

ISBN 978 1 84101 704 4 7.99.

The two latter titles taken from the ‘New from BRF’ leaflet and can be obtained from BRF at telephone 01865 319700 or through the Church Bookstall.

Lynn Winter

Winter Edition 2011

Book Corner