The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Subs Day

Six of us went to “Subs Day” at Denmead on 28th January. This was well attended and as it was held in a small hall it was a bit of a squeeze.

Norma had brought a good selection of cards and MU Merchandise, there was a raffle (between the six of us we managed to win 3 prizes!) And tea, coffee and biscuits were served.

AGM and Coffee Morning

Our coffee morning on 11 February preceding our AGM raised £95 and an appropriate amount from this was sent to AFIA (the Away From It All holiday scheme).

There were stalls for “Bring and Buy” and MU Merchandise, and a raffle.

Women’s World Day of Prayer

On 6th March, we were invited to the Baptist Church for the Women’sWorld Day of Prayer.

The Service this year, prepared by the ladies of the Bahamas was themed: “Jesus said to them: Do you know what I have done to you?”

With ‘voices’ from several of the many different Islands, including Andros, Eleuthera, Exuma and Inagua, we heard a little about the beauty but also the difficulties facing the inhabitants of this region.

Following the service, refreshments were served in the adjoining hall.

Waterlooville Baptist Church Women’s Fellowship (written by Fiona Ross)

On Tuesday March 10th six ladies from St George’s Mothers’ Union and St George’s Ladies Group accepted the kind invitation to join the ladies of the Waterlooville Baptist Church Women’s Fellowship to celebrate their anniversary.

During the welcome and introduction we learnt that this could be their 60th anniversary as the date of the first recorded minutes is 1955, but some of the more senior ladies remember their mothers being in the fellowship so it could be their 70th anniversary - Wow!

On arrival we noticed the overhead projection screens which seemed just that - overhead! But as we became uplifted by the jolly hymns the words seemed to drop down to eye level leaving hands free clapping along, more importantly free hands were used to emphasise the message of friendship as told to us by our speaker Mrs Sue French. As the service came to an end we joined our free hands and recited The Grace.

After the service we made our way to the church hall for a lovely tea consisting of a selection of sandwiches, fruit loaf and cakes.

On behalf of the ladies, may I offer many thanks for a lovely afternoon.

Mothers’ Union Festival Eucharist

On Wednesday 18th March, we arrived at the Cathedral early, with our two large plates of sandwiches and cakes to be added to the “bring and share” buffet plus the St George’s Mothers’ Union Branch Banner and its poles.

With our banner successfully assembled, I listened carefully to the “talk through” and panicked slightly when told there was to be a completely new route. There was the usual warning about following the feet of the person in front and definitely NOT peeping around the side of our banners. I decided that although St George’s banner looked one of the largest, the one that Carole had for Havant Deanery was even bigger! The new route avoided chandeliers and water hazards and was actually easier, and to finish we formed a semi-circle behind the Mothers’ Union Choir.

The service, entitled “United in Prayer” was a Eucharist, with Bishop Christopher presiding. It was really nice to be in our Cathedral and to take communion there.

The Address was given by the MU Worldwide President Lynne Tembey, who was visiting the Diocese that week. After the service there was a dignified scramble for coffee and eats, with a seemingly never ending supply of sandwiches and savouries, cakes and biscuits.

The following afternoon a group of us travelled to Emsworth where our Worldwide President met with us again and afternoon tea was provided by the branch members there.

Easter 2015

Mothers’ Union notes

The MU Banners lined up at the end of the service.