The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Prayer in a teacup

A nice cup of tea!

How I relish its versatility.

The way it restores and revives me in the morning,

calms and comforts me as I prepare for bed,

shared so easily with friends, consolingly familiar when I’m alone,

its warmth a constant blessing.

And I take it all for granted, forgetting the miracle of growth and harvest,

the painstaking labour that brings it to my cup,

the way this everyday drink connects me to people all round the world.

As I add water to my tea

to release all its goodness, all its potential,

so I pray for the splash of your living water in my life, Lord,

releasing all I have to offer in your name.

As I drink my tea, sweetened with your love,

bless those for whom it is a livelihood,

and stir up in me your thirst for justice.


Now just let me put on the kettle!

TRAIDCRAFT Tea -  from the Traidcraft Stall - see Pam Dinneen for more information.

Easter and Spring Edition 2010