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By the time you read this, we will be nearly half way through Lent. Extra reading throughout Lent is always beneficial and here are a few suggestions:

Strength in Weakness. The Scandal of the Cross by John Rogerson. In these reflections on the cross and passion of Christ, the biblical scholar and priest John Rogerson explores some central paradoxes of the Christian faith where strength is manifest in weakness.

ISBN 9780728301801 (RP code 186421) 4

Lent and Easter Wisdom from St Benedict by Judith Sutera OSB. The latest addition to this popular series of seasonal meditation books provides not only scripture readings for the seasons of Lent and Easter but pairs them with a daily selection from the cherished writings of St Benedict.

ISBN 9780764819681 (RP code 5041) 7.95

Wondrous Encounters, Scripture for Lent by Richard Rohr. Rohr’s meditations on the daily readings of Lent (not specific to a liturgical year) are not for the sake of mere information or even for academia, but for the sake of our transformation into our original image and likeness which is the very image of God.

ISBN 9780867169874 (RP code 13597) 5.99

The Little Way of Lent, Meditations on the Spirit of St Therese of Liseux by Fr Gary Caster. The daily Lenten meditations in this book - all coloured by St Therese’s Little Way of Spiritual Childhood will help you focus not so much on what you have done to offend God, but what he has done to redeem you.

ISBN 9780867169676 (RP code 15296) 8.95

Journeying with Jesus. A Companion’s Guide by Denis McBride. Seven generously resourced sessions to help you journey with Jesus from the wilderness to the resurrection, stopping at various stations along the way. With his usual wit and familiar style, Denis McBride challenges us to relate Jesus’ journey to our own path through life. Personal Companion

ISBN 9780852313589 (RP code 1467) 14.95

All titles taken from the February 2011 Redemptorist Publications Leaflet. Available from Redemptorist Publications telephone 0142088222, On-Line, or from the Church bookstall.

Wishing you all a meaningful Lent and joyful Easter.

Lynn Winter

Easter Edition 2011

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