The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Were you with us on the outing?

If not you missed a treat.

We started from St George’s Church

With birthday cake to eat,

To celebrate with Rachel

On reaching 21.

Then settled into “Normans!” coach

Our journey had begun.

We didn’t stop till Wilton House,

Arriving there noon plus,

And straight away a gentleman

Climbed up into our bus;

Had such an air about him,

And looked so self assured,

He was a guide, however,

I mistook him for the Lord!

As some of us had picnics

We found a place to eat,

There was a special area

Where you could find a seat,

The weather was quite windy,

At least was staying dry,

We could have used the restaurant

- the prices there were high!

Then when our lunch was finished,

And we could eat no more,

We packed the picnic things away

And set off to explore.

Fine pictures, antique furniture

Photos of royalty,

Summer Edition 2011

Outing to Wilton House

Guides there to answer questions,

Explain the history.

There were statues, most of fellas,

Striking a manly pose,

As if they hadn’t noticed

They weren’t wearing any clothes.

Some of these were wearing fig leaves,

But some of them were not.

And one had had an accident,

Poor chap, and lost the lot!

We later viewed a small museum,

“Posh” cars were there displayed,

In glass cased alcoves in the walls

Great battles scenes portrayed.

Next in the Tudor kitchen

Repeatedly we saw

A ghostly lady walking

Beyond a creaking door.

A laundry from Victorian days,

A stately dolls house room.

Our visit finished here, for me

Was over all too soon.

A short walk by the river,

Then back by half past four,

Some people thought the time quite long

I would have liked some more!

Our coach arrived quite promptly,

We soon were on our way.

Back home to Waterloville

After a lovely day.

Janet Johnson