The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Many of you contribute to our ongoing support of four African orphan children, through Africa Child trust, to cover their schooling needs. One of ‘our’ children is Rehema Aswile who lives in Tanzania and is now coming to the end of her school sponsorship.

From time to time Rehema writes to us and we have received one such letter recently which I set out below.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I hope that u are fine. I’m also and my family too. Thank you so much for the beautiful gift that you give me. I am very happy that you remember me and once again thank you for tell me that your sponsorship is thus continuing. Every day in my prayer I ask God to give you power.

Thank you also for another letter you send to me and good questions to me.

The Spring season is now here in Tanzania, sometimes hot  but now is the time of rain.

I am now 19 years old and I am already in finishing form 4. I like to find another school.

I live with my mother after my father died and we have one room which I live in with my mother.

I have 4 brothers. My sister is already died.  One brother is married and another wishes to marry in August.

My life is not good because of lack of money. My mother she cannot get enough money for food and other things but we live by the grace of God.  I thank God that he gave you the idea to come to Tanzania and help me. God bless you.  I will continue to pray that you get enough money to support me and my family. Please pray for my mother and to continue to support me. I am sorry about my English but I wish you will understand. I thank God that he gives me the time to write this letter to you. GOD BLESS YOU!!

Say hello to all my sponsors at St George’s and especially Wendy (Pearce). Tell her Rehema says hello and happy birthday!



Summer Edition 2012

African Child Trust