The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Mothers’ Union Festival Eucharist, 19th June

We arrived at the Cathedral in good time to be ready for the service at 12.noon.

I was in charge of St George’s branch banner again, as Margaret was carrying ‘Action and Outreach’.

After the usual very brief ‘talk through’ we lined up with our banners, and as the service began, followed the clergy, separating in turn to left and right, before propping our banners (very carefully!) against available walls as instructed, to be reclaimed later.

The theme of the service was ‘The Seeds we Sow - Help us Grow’ which is the Mothers’ Union theme for this year. The celebrant and preacher was the Very Revd David Brindley, Dean of Portsmouth. During the last hymn we collected our banners and re-processed, before standing in line as the service ended.

Afterwards we compared notes; I had had to wait while the person preceeding me had disentangled her banner from one obstacle and two other ladies said they had nearly fallen into something else on the way back. Such are the perils of banner carrying!

Film Club: The Boat that Rocked. 19th June

I missed the first part of this film as I was ‘doing my bit’ with the MU banner at the Cathedral, but I don’t think it mattered too much. This 2009 film, about the “swinging 60’s” follows the exploits of the D.J.’s etc on the Pirate Radio Ship “Radio Rock”, as some rather stuffy government ‘men in suits’ try to get it taken off the air.

In the end the rusty ex-fishing trawler sinks as the last man on board heroically keeps playing the music, but being a fun film he is miraculously saved and bobs up in the sea to be rescued along with everyone else by an armada of adoring fans.

Summer Edition 2013

News from the Pews

Glendene Proms, 6th July

The weather was kind to us this year and we were able to have our ‘Glendene Proms Night’ actually in the garden at Glendene.

We gathered with picnic chairs and tables (and food of course!) to hear ‘our most favourite pieces of music ever’.

It was a great evening which finished with a traditional firework display.

Film Club, Les Miserables, 10th July

I was unsure how easily this would transfer from stage to film but needn’t have worried.

With its dark tale of love amidst the tragedy and death of revolution in 19th Century France it is not the most cheerful of stories, especially since only two of the main characters survive till the end, but the scenes are spectacular, the acting outstanding, and the music is - well even better!

Marriage of Sonja and Chris

Two prominent members of our congregation were married at St George’s on Saturday 3rd August. We wish them every happiness for the future.

Janet Johnson