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With the season of Autumn fast approaching and the inevitable darker evenings just round the corner, what better than a new book to delve in to. Here are a few suggestions:

Everything Must Change. When the world’s biggest problems and Jesus’s good news collide by Brian D McLaren.

How can the life and teachings of Jesus impact the most critical global problems in our world today? For the last twenty years, Brian McLaren has been unable to escape the life-shaping question. In Everything Must Change he unveils a fresh and provocative vision of Jesus and his teachings, and how his message of hope can ignite purpose and passion to change the economic, environmental, military, political and social crises that have overtaken our world.

Ref 2072. (Thomas Nelson). RRP 9.99. ASLAN Price 7.99

The SPCK Bible Atlas by Barry J Belzel.

This atlas includes accurate readings of all of the key events of the Bible illustrated by more than 100 full colour, digitally rendered maps. Each chapter includes a chart showing exactly where each event is located in the Bible. It features extensive discussion  of the geography and archaeology of the Bible lands, placing the biblical narrative in its historical and cultural contexts.

Ref 9058. (SPCK). RRP 17.99 ASLAN Price 13.99

The SPCK Bible Guide by Henry Wansbrough.

The SPCK Bible Guide is a handy navigational tool for anyone who wants to gain a broad overview of the Bible, its major themes and essential teachings. The entire Bible is broken down into easy-to-manage sections, each containing a narrative summary and a commentary explaining the basic message of the original authors.

Ref 9845 (SPCK) RRP 15.89 ASLAN Price 11.99. Special Offer: Buy both atlases for just 23.98 - Ref 9876.

Rescuing the Church from Consumerism by Mark Clavier.

Clavier examines how people are initiated into a consumer culture during childhood and thus drawn into pursuing a vocation as consumers by means of various quasi-sacramental rites and practices. The upshot of this is that the Church today is composed primarily of men and women whose lives are situated more within a consumer culture than within a distinctively Christian one. In order for the Church to free itself, the author believes it must reclaim a sacramental identity that is grounded in a narrative tradition and realised in real, local worshipping communities.

Ref 9969 (SPCK) RRP 10.99 ASLAN Price 8.99

Women of the Bible by Margaret McAlister.

An elegantly illustrated collection of ten favourite Bible stories with an interesting twist. Margaret McAlister imaginatively retells these tales from the point of view of the women involved. Noah’s wife, Miriam, Ruth, Mary mother of Jesus, Pilate’s wife and Mary Magdalene are among some of the women who put their side of the story forward.

Ref 9048 (Lion) RRP 9.99 ASLAN Price 8.49

All suggestions taken from the September 2013 issue of Aslan Christian Books. Telephone 08453 679676

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Lynn Winter

Autumn Edition 2013

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