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Whether you are thinking of books for yourself or to give as a gift at Christmas, there is a huge choice available generally. For those who like to give and/or receive Christian books, here are a few suggestions.

The Story of the Holy Land. A Visual History by Peter Walker.

Laid out in a stunning series of colour spreads, the history of the Holy Land - from Bible times to the present day - is brought vividly to life. Its story encompasses a dramatic mix of events; from border skirmishes to full scale invasions, and from the wanderings of Abraham and the patriarchs to the powerful teaching of numerous prophets. From the earliest days to 1948, the Holy Land has passed from one ruler to another; one empire to the next, and has been a melting-pot for a wide range of cultures and beliefs. Richly illustrated with superb photography, including original nineteenth and twentieth century shots, this book will take you on a journey lasting nearly 4,000 years.

Ref 9173 (Lion) 12.99

Haphazard by Starlight. A poem a day from Advent to Epiphany by Janet Morley.

Like the magi who travelled a long distance to search out the infant Jesus, and who took some wrong turnings, we too have a journey to undertake, before we find that we have “Walked haphazard by starlight straight into the kingdom of heaven” U.A.Fanthorpe, BC:AD

Here is an opportunity to engage in a pilgrimage of the heart. Each day - from 1 December to 6 January - a poem is offered along with an accessible commentary that is both critically informed and devotional in intent. The poets represented included Rowan Williams, Elizabeth Jennings, Edwin Muir, Philip Larkin and T S Elliot.

Ref 9216 (SPCK) 7.99

Inside the Christmas Story by Melanie Bash.

If you are troubled by the loss of ‘Christ’ in ‘Christmas’; and by the noise, pressure and materialism of secular Advent, this book will help you to read and think about Advent and Christmas in a new way. Co-authored by a New Testament specialist and a practising clinical psychologist, it explores the familiar narratives from the Christmas story with freshness and vigour, and draws out their implications for day-to-day living. Ref 8542 (Bloomsbury) 6.99

Angel Origami

Yes, I know this is not a reading book as such but it is in keeping with the season! This book includes 15 sheets of origami paper and detailed instructions as well as inspiring photographs, enabling readers to make 15 brilliant origami angels. Though the author refers to origami’s connection with Zen principles, this book essentially is a practical guide offering a satisfying challenge to origami fans.

Ref 4044 (Watkins) 7.99

Play-time Christmas

A colourful board book with a simple before-and-after approach to the story of Jesus’s birth. Each page has a pop-out shape with a ‘before’ scene on top and an ‘after’ scene underneath. Lift out the piece to reveal what happens next. Ref 2430 (Candle) 4.99

My Own Little Christmas Story

The sweet, simple and sincere retelling of the Christmas story is perfect for the under 5s, introducing them to the great story at the heart of the festival and its message of love.

Ref 8774 (Lion) 3.49

The Lion Storyteller Christmas Book by Bob Hartman and Krisztina Kallai Nagy.

This festive selection of stories about all aspects of the Christmas season includes retellings of folk tales, Bible stories and legends from around the world. Many of these stories show how popular Christmas traditions came about.

This book is arranged in three sections: Stories from the Bible, Stories of Christmas Traditions; and Christmas Tales and Legends.

Ref 8848 (Lion) 8.99

All suggestions taken from the Autumn 2013 issue of Aslan Christian Books. Telephone 08453 679676. Or I can order for you.

Happy, Holy Christmas everyone.

Lynn Winter

Christmas Edition 2013

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