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Film Club: June - The Slipper & the Rose

I was a bit late and missed the beginning of this film so was rather surprised when the first person burst into song - I hadn’t realised it was a musical!

It follows the story of Cinderella, from her humble beginnings to her betrothal to Prince Edward. But then the Fairy Godmother’s plans go awry. Cinderella is persuaded to run away “for the good of the Kingdom” and a heartbroken prince prepares to marry a suitable princess.

But this is a story with a  happy ending, so, aided by her Fairy Godmother’s magic, Cinderella is whisked to the Church (suitably attired) to be re-united with her prince.

War is averted as the “spare” bride finds love with Prince Edward’s ‘drippy’ cousin. A very sweet film, but the thought did occur to me that if they all sang and danced a bit less we might get to the end a lot quicker!

Film Club: July - A Night to Remember

This black and white film starred Kenneth More as an officer on board the ill-fated Titanic. Following the story closely, with no extra romantic sub-plot, the action was continuous and realistic. Kenneth More played the quietly heroic Englishman to perfection. A really good, interesting film.

Janet Johnson

Summer Edition 2014

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