The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


An Advent Journey

Preparing the Way - An Advent Journey, the display described by Rod in previous article, was presented in church from 14th to 19th December 2009.

Nine ‘stations’, each with a Bible text and a suggested activity, made up the spiritual journey towards Bethlehem and Christmas.

Here are some of the comments from visitors who took the journey....

‘This was a wonderful idea, I love your memorial tree idea.’

‘Christianity is Fun!’

‘A very good idea, a nice way of reflecting.’

‘It is a wonderful idea and brought me great peace of mind, thank you.’

‘A wonderful experience, thank you.’

‘Beautifully set out and thought provoking - the story of the Burma refugees is so moving.’

‘So helpfully thought provoking.’

‘A very simple yet effective way of reaching out to each of us individually so we get the chance at this busy time of year to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to us and to our world. Thank you.’

‘A helpful ‘space’ at the time of busy preparation for the coming.’

‘A lovely journey - thoughtful prayers and meaningful activities. Thank you Lord, and all who have made it possible.’

‘Lovely, thank you - well thought out. A joy to walk around.’

‘Very well organised, a help to focus our thoughts during a busy Advent.’

‘Very thought provoking and quiet for thinking about the real meaning of Christmas and our world today.’

Winter and Lent Edition 2010