The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Autumn 2015

Book Corner

One advantage of darker evenings is extra reading time. Always welcome to the avid reader!  Firstly, jumping ahead to Advent – here are three Advent previews followed by some general suggestions.

Someone To Believe In. An Advent course based on Miracle on 34th Street by Sheila Jacobs.

Perfect for small groups and individual study during Advent, here is a study course based on the classic movie Miracle On 34th Street. It comprises a four-week structure to help readers to take a closer look at faith and the coming of Jesus.

Ref 4835 RRP 5.99 ASLAN PRICE 4.99

My Beloved Son. Cover To Cover Advent Bible Study Guide by Michael Baughen

In a world where many are only ready to think of Jesus as a good man rather than the Son of God, discover once more the uniqueness of Jesus. This guide looks at the Christ-centred Letter to the Hebrews.

Ref 4836 RRP 4.99 ASLAN PRICE 4.49

The Bauble Books Complete Set

Decorations and books in one! The beautiful artwork in this set of eight books makes them attractive Christmas tree baubles as well as a great read for children under 8. Each comes with a thread to hang it on a Christmas tree or in a child’s bedroom.  

Ref 5047 RRP 7.50


Paul and His Recent Interpreters by N. T. Wright

Essential reading for all with a serious interest in Paul; the interpretation of his letters, his appropriation by subsequent thinkers, and his continuing significance today.  In the course of this masterly survey Wright is asking searching questions of all of the major contributions to Pauline studies since the Enlightenment.

Ref 4855 RRP 25.00


Don’t Beat Yourself Up.  Learning the wisdom of hindsight by Tania Bright

Many Christians live with a nagging sense that they are not up to what God and the world around us would expect.  Tania shows how developing a small set of spiritual habits can help us to accept the past, negotiate and enjoy the present, and remain optimistic for the future.

Ref 4843 RRP 8.99 ASLAN PRICE  6.99

The Spirit Of St Francis. Pope Francis

The Pope’s Franciscan ‘accent’ has become increasingly evident with his optimism, creativity, courage and playful sense of humour that are reminiscent of the beloved saint. Drawn from his public addresses, these meditations are unique, inspiring and beautifully crafted.

Ref 4809 RRP 8.99


All suggestions taken from the September edition of Aslan Christian Books. or 08453 679 676 or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter