The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

Autumn 2015

A View from the Pew

For five Sundays during the summer the Sunday School was “on holiday” and the children joined us in church for the whole service instead of at “half-time”.

Fr Mike had devised services of interest to us all - with quite a lot of “congregational” participation needed. Focusing on different aspects of the Bible we learnt about the origin of the gospels and the order in which they were written, we tried to put the Epistles into order, week 3 was the Acts of the Apostles, then the 39 books of the Old Testament. We finished with the Apocrypha, meaning “hidden things”, these slightly mysterious books have uncertain providence and are not always included in Bibles.

For these services we sang “the Gloria” slightly differently, with a children’s percussion section and some of us clapping our hands in places (and some of us wishing we wouldn’t!) Not the quietest of services then, with enthusiastic youngsters on cymbals and drums, and we even sang the Caribbean style Lords Prayer (which I loved!)

I anticipated these “summer hols services” with a little trepidation, being somewhat “set in my ways” but found I learnt quite a lot and enjoyed them immensely.

Janet Johnson