The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

After the Party

I am home.

I close the door on the world.

But you are not here, and I am alone.

It has been a good party,

With good companions,

Rich talk and much laughter.

Food to enjoy and drink to enliven the mind.

People in pairs, married, courting, or lovers,

And others unattached or unaccompanied.

We talk of the world, of life, of work.

Of all the things we have in common.

But in the midst of friendship

I am alone, I look for you.

And now I am home and await your returning.

The house silent, the rooms empty.

I stand by the window and watch the dark world outside,

and I wait for you.

Janet Johnson

Christmas & New Year 2015/6

St George’s Book of Poems

We have the space in this issue to revive the series of Poems taken from the first edition of St George’s Book of Poems, which we believe dates back to 1998 …..

The Christmas Tree

Angels Singing
Shepherds leave their Sheep
Hasten to the stable
Mary, Joseph and God’s Son
Wise men following the bright star
Bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
Rejoice! The Saviour of the World is born

Wendy Pearce

Christmas Cheer

T’was the week before Christmas

And we heard the refrain

How did Jane R-O

Persuade us yet again?

We have to do a review,

We have to do it quick.

And of course it has to involve

Santa or Saint Nick.

Maybe Tony Shepherd

Could sing a song or two

Or maybe we could do a sketch

With Piglet and with Pooh.

We could get some reindeer

To come and say hallo.

But then again we’d better not

They’d only bring the snow.

We could have a little sketch

Around the Christmas tree

And then we could include the kids

Eating up their tea.

What about the vicar?

Has he learnt his lines?

If not we’ll have to fix them

Behind a handy sign.

Why do we all do this?

You should hear the men all moan.

“We could be watching soccer

On the couch at home!”

Now the final curtain

Just listen to them cheer.

Once again we’ve done it

And we’ll all be back next year!

Sarah Monk