The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville

St George’s Church, Malaga, is the oldest Anglican church on mainland Spain. It is located in Malaga’s English Cemetery. The cemetery was created by the British consul in the 19th century as he was perturbed by the fact that non Catholics were not allowed to be buried in consecrated ground but had to be buried on the sea shore or at the dead of night. The cemetery was outside the city walls at the time. The building was constructed in 1839 and was originally the cemetery chapel and home of the caretaker. It was converted to become the present church in 1890. Before that services had to be held at the British Consulate. It is good to see that the congregation have similar drinking habits!

Christmas & New Year 2015/6

St George’s Malaga

Found in Marbella. Electric coin in the slot votive candles and automatic holy water dispenser. How times have changed.