The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


The Bonus Ball club began back in 2008 and was approved by the PCC as a way of providing additional funds whilst at the same time making it a fun way of doing so.  The scheme is relatively simple in that a player chooses a number between 1 and 49. If that number comes up on the regular Saturday National lottery as the Bonus Ball number, that player wins the prize for that week. If an unchosen number comes up, then the prize is carried over to the next week and so on. We have had several of these ‘roll overs’ which have provided a healthy lump sum to one or two players. Each ten week period the sum of 100 is paid into church funds.

I show below some of the fun facts and figures of the first eight periods (80 weeks) of the scheme.

• Every 10 week period there are an average of three roll overs. The most in any period was 5.

• Eight hundred pounds has been paid into church funds over this period.

• The biggest winning sums were 84, 78, 75, 72.  In the main the weekly win is about 25

On average we have about 35 players which leaves 14 numbers as roll overs.

The following numbers have never come up over the 80 weeks!!!


The best winning numbers have been 3 (five times), 5 (four times), 21 (four times)

9,14,25,27,35,45,47 (all three times)

As said, this is a fun way to support your church so if you would like to join please contact me and I will include you in the next period which begins later in the autumn.

Tony Rice_Oxley

Autumn Edition 2010

St George’s Bonus Ball Club