The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


St George’s Church continues to support a wide range of charities and some of the thank you letters are reproduced below.

Christian Aid (March 2010)

Many thanks for your kind donation of 744.43 towards the work of Christian Aid. Your response to our emergency appeal is greatly appreciated.

Your gift is enabling us to continue to respond to the devastating earthquake in  Haiti and money raised from the emergency appeal is helping our partners deliver aid to almost 150,000 people in nine vulnerable communities. They are providing medical assistance, cash, food, daily meals, basic shelter, hygiene supplies, blankets and medical supplies to the survivors of the quake.

The earthquake has posed exceptional challenges to aid agencies, but our main concern now is preparing for the arrival of the rainy season. With your support our partners are working to make sure there is proper shelter and adequate sanitation, to avoid the possibility that disease will break out in overcrowded settlements.

Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal

A huge thank you for your very kind donation of 121.80 which will be spent towards wonderful equipment for the holiday home. We have just recently raised the money to complete the work to our holiday home by building a balcony/veranda around it. This will allow the families especially those with smaller children to enjoy the outdoors but in a safe enclosed environment. We have also been able to provide patio table and chairs for outside living, with a play house and outside toys and storage to follow shortly. This year we celebrated Hannah’s 16th birthday and although edged with sadness it was wonderful to share the day with family and friends and reflect back on both her life and also how far we had come with the charity in her memory. Since opening we have been able to offer over 50 families a well earned free holiday. To be able to put smiles back on these children’s faces, who have already suffered so much is priceless and makes all our hard work worthwhile.

Mercy Ships - Hope on the Horizon

I want to thank you for your kind and generous gift of 120.77 to Mercy Ships. With your compassionate response, we’re moving forward with hundreds of surgeries in Africa - operations that will give new life to people who have suffered greatly until now. Some have disfiguring tumours on their faces. Some can’t smile because of a cleft lip and palate. Some are scarred from severe burns incurred in their childhood. And in many cases because society has completely rejected them for their disfigurements, some have spent years in virtual hiding. But now these completely treatable conditions are being corrected through your support of our doctors and nurses. This means people can start life over!

The PSP Association

Thank you for enclosing a cheque for 137.28 as a very kind donation to our funds.  This support for the work of our Assocation is much appreciated. (Support and Research for sufferers of the degenerative brain diseases Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Cortico Basal Degeneration.)

The Rosemary Foundation

This letter comes with very grateful thanks from The Rosemary Foundation for your donation of 69.08. This is so much appreciated in these times of financial uncertainty. Your kindness will enable us to continue to care at home for those whose lives are drawing to a close.

Linda Wainwright

Autumn Edition 2010

Charity giving