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This Oscar winning epic was not a film I would have considered watching at home. Its story of a Roman General who fought his way back from slavery to a hero’s death contained a few ‘hide behind the sofa’ moments - there are only so many battle scenes and decapitations you can cope with before your very welcome half time cuppa. But actually it turned out to be an excellent film, and as our hero killed off the chief baddie and made his final speech to secure the future of Rome before gracefully departing to another life, I almost had to reach for the tissues!

Calamity Jane

This was a fun film with definitely no ‘hide behind the sofa’ moments. Doris Day energetically sang and shot her way from loving one man to another before rather appropriately driving off for a cosy honeymoon for four in the Deadwood Stage.

Our next film on Wednesday 8th December will be Love Actually.

Janet Johnson

Christmas Edition 2010

St George’s Film Club