The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


At this time of year when all is wintery and cold, it’s nice to think back to the summer and what better thing to focus on than that great St Georges’ tradition, the Sunflower Race.

Results came in on the first Saturday in September and there were some good ones.  The Chalks were first to call with 8ft 7ins and this was followed by the Lloyds, whose five plants ranged from 7ft 2ins to 8ft 8ins.  Katie Webster’s offering this year was 7ft 4ins whilst previous winner, Ken Burton came up with 9ft 6ins and Sarah Taylor’s was 8ft 4ins.

However, this year’s winner resulted from the inter-family rivalry between the Taylors and the Wakefields, and what a winner it was!  Paul and Tricia Taylor produced a plant of 7ft but their sister and brother-in-law, Vivienne and Peter Wakefield, called to tell of an enormous specimen growing in a pot beside the garage wall, at a whopping 12ft 8ins (or 3.87m in new money).  To give you an idea of how that stands in the scheme of things, last year’s winner was over two feet shorter!

The judging team duly visited and confirmed the measurement, though it was soon realised that winning was of secondary importance to Vivienne and Peter when compared to beating the Taylors!  The prize money was handed over with suitable pomp and ceremony, but very generously, it was handed back to be put in the Church Roof Fund – many thanks for that.

Once again, thanks to all who took part and we look forward to you all having a go again in 2011.

The Shepherd Family

Christmas Edition 2010

St George’s Sunflower Race