The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Graveyard records - Archive of burials


List A - when viewed from the road - right hand side of the path.

List B - Graves when viewed from the road - left hand side of path.

List C - Graves in lower slope area - when read from right to left when viewed from path from church to hall.

A further list of more recent graves, primarily for interment of ashes, is under preparation and will be posted here shortly.

The church has burial records going back to 1908. A search of the records costs 20. If the search is successful, the fee will include a photocopy of the record. For enquiries, please use the feedback form or email

Records prior to 1908 are in the library archives at Portsmouth.

Cremations take place at Portchester Crematorium. More information:
or at The Oaks, Havant.

Waterlooville Cemetery is administered by Havant Borough Council. More information: