The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


You may well not have been there for some time.

You may never have looked at it.

You may be one of those who visit it regularly.

The Church Garden of Rest sits behind the Church and is accessed through gates at either side.  Sitting between the shops and the roads it can be a place of peace and a small oasis of calm.  Here is where the cremated remains of Church members’ friends and relatives are laid to rest.  It’s not a depressing or sad place, however, as there’s always fresh flowers laid on the memorials, although of course, it is a place of poignant memories.

Recently the area has been completely re-turfed, thanks to an anonymous gift in memory of Cora Martindale, who died in August 2010.  The stone tablets have all been lifted and re-laid so that it’s easier for people to keep the grass cut and the whole garden looking fresh and tidy.  Many thanks go to the donor of the turfs and also to those who regularly maintain the garden.  It’s really appreciated that St. George’s Church can offer people this quiet space - a space for thoughts, for memories and for prayer.

Fr. Mike

Autumn Edition 2011

From the Parish Priest