The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


My fortieth Anniversary of Ordination was a wonderful occasion and one, which will always live with me in my treasure store of memories.  So many thanks to Fr Mike, the Parochial Church Council, Social Committee and all who had a hand in making the occasion so special. There was much subterfuge in order to surprise me on the night and I was most certainly surprised.  Thank you Fr Mike, Bishop Godfrey and Fr Timon for Concelebrating with me, which was a joy in the collegiate ministry of ordained ministry.  After forty years of a varied ministry to have colleagues at my side was special. Many thanks to all who shared in the service, either by attendance or serving in the Sanctuary, or sent their best wishes; all who were present at the reception which followed.

My joy was complete when I was presented on Sunday July 31st with a specially commissioned inscribed bowl from St. George’s.  It now has pride of place in our display cabinet.  Last but not least thanks to my wife June who was up to all sorts of tricks in order to surprise me on the night with an Alb and Stole which she had made and of course all those who were in the plot!

Fr Ray Chapman

Autumn Edition 2011