The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Sunday 2nd of October was a special day for the congregation of St. George’s because Bishop Christopher made his first visit to us to take our Communion service, and we wanted to show him all sides of our Church worship.

Fr Mike’s opening words reminded us that this was a good weekend for our Rugby teams - oh and it was good to welcome the Bishop!  The Band shared the music with the organ for our hymns  and the service progressed to the collect, after which the Bishop welcomed the Sunday school. He noticed that Martin and Wendy had birthday badges, so we all sang Happy Birthday. Then he showed the children his crook, which is a proper shepherd’s crook,  and he told them how it was used in Jesus’ time to keep the sheep together and to lead them. He and his Clergy also had to keep their congregations together and lead and teach them. As the Sunday school prepared to go to the Hall, Bishop Christopher thanked the leaders for all the work they did with the children.

The service continued and there was a procession before the Gospel (Luke 20) which was about the man who built a vineyard and let it out to tenants who mistreated and killed those who came to collect the share of the harvest. This the Bishop told us is how God makes all things good, but we mess things up. Nevertheless, he never gives up on us.

An augmented choir sang Zadok the priest, which reverberated around the Church and, with the incense laden air, was very moving, setting the solemn atmosphere for the Eucharist.

Father Timon then introduced the Youth Club who sang a song called The Stone (based on Matt. 21) which he had written for the occasion.

At the end of the service a cake, made and decorated by Eve Inwood, was brought forward for the Bishop to cut, and we all went over to the Hall to enjoy a piece with our wine or coffee. Bishop Christopher spent time talking to people in a relaxed atmosphere before having to leave, no doubt for other engagements.

It was a Sunday we shall all remember with gratitude that our Bishop cares for his Churches and as he prays with and for us, he asks us to pray for him.

Eileen Oades

Christmas Edition 2011

The day that Bishop Christopher came to visit us