The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Church Shop -  11th to 22nd October

Washing baskets and wardrobes, tables and toys, tools and tops, china and chairs, jigsaws and chests of drawers, duvets and DVD's, cookware and things for hair, umbrellas and fellas (well perhaps not!), handbags, evening bags, shopping bags…

You name it - we sold it! If you needed something the Church Shop was the place to go - if you couldn't find it our team of enthusiastic "sales advisers" hunted high and low until it was found.

We worked tirelessly to unite customers with items they wanted, needed or even those unexpected treasures they had no idea were essential to their future happiness!

A really successful fortnight raised Ł4,000 for our church funds. An enormous "thank you" is due to our expert sales assistants, all those who donated stock, and last but not least to our many customers.

Harvest Party

On Saturday 24th September we held our Harvest Party in St George’s Church Hall with two barn dances, quizzes and a rendition of The Combine Harvester Song  plus a ‘bring and share’ supper. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

Taizé Evening

Members of St Mary’s Portchester and their choir joined St George’s for a beautiful, Taizé style, candlelit evening service on 16th October. The following poem, read by Rosemary Monk, formed part of this service.

When God Heals

When God comes to heal us
It's final and complete
There is nothing that is lacking
When He meets us in our need

Whether it be in our body
Or the hurt within our soul
He will touch the point of need
And will truly make us whole

His healing is there for you
Just receive it from the Lord
Believe upon the living word
That you can be restored

Wherever there is weakness
He is the strength we need
And He will gently lead us through
And heal the heart that bleeds

Jesus came to restore us
To fullness in our God
But Satan has come to devour
And to kill, destroy and rob

But Jesus won the victory
So we need not be afraid
But claim the victory that is ours
And no longer live enslaved

We need to rise up in our faith
And not depend on how we feel
Keep on praying and standing firm
For our God surely heals

peom by M S Lowndes

St George’s Bonfire Night

Friday 4th November - The weather kept dry for our annual Bonfire and Fireworks party at Glendene. We met in Tony and Jane’s garden at for hot punch (I’m not sure what was in it but it was lovely!) Then fireworks, complete with musical finale, followed by soup and jacket spuds.

At the bonfire, with traditional guy, was lit and we all gathered to warm ourselves in its heat. Our evening raised a total of Ł74 for the Naomi House Children’s Hospice.

Film Club

September: Chocolat. How a beautiful stranger brought colour and love to a drab, grey French town, with a kindly smile, red shoes and most important of all CHOCOLATE!

October: Oklahoma. The cleanest ‘Wild West’ ever, no litter, no dust, well it was a film set! Lots of music, dancing, colour, a surreal dream sequence and a happy ending.

November: Mrs Miniver made in black and white in 1942. Its story of a middle class English family coping with danger and tragedy in the 2nd World War - perhaps a little dated, but still retaining its powerful message of stoicism and community solidarity in the face of extreme adversity.

The next Film Club is on Wednesday 14th December when we are screening the Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street.

Janet Johnson

Some further Parish Notes from Fr Mike:

Children’s Society

Vivienne Wakefield has kindly taken over from Anne Willoughby as Children’s Society representative for St George’s Church. The emptying and counting of the collection boxes is now taking place. Please bring yours to Church and give it to Vivienne or to Margaret Symonds. The boxes will be returned as soon as possible. If you haven’t got a box but would like one, or if you cannot bring yours to Church, please get in touch with Vivienne on 023 9226 9319.

Church Shop

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s Church Shop. Special thanks to Jane Rice-Oxley and Anna Richardson for the amazing amount of work they did in the three months run up to opening as well as during the fortnight itself. Together with others, they’ve also been responsible for the great clear up! A fantastic effort from everyone!

Cross Stitch

If this is your hobby you may like to start a new pattern now as next year’s Waterlooville Music Festival will feature a display of cross stitch work.

This is a strange year!

During October there were 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays - this only happens once in 823 years! Also on Remembrance Friday the two minutes silence was kept at the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11 day of the 11 year!

Fr Mike Sheffield


Christmas Edition 2011

News from the Pews

Church Shop

Pam & Eric Dinneen cutting the cake on the occasion of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary (October 20th)