The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


From Assistant Curate Fr Timon Singh

The Season of Spring brings joy and happiness to all. From here we know, soon we will be held in the warm embrace of the summer sun. Seasons are a wonderful gift of God to his children. All four seasons have their beauty, splendour, scent and something very special about them.

For Christian people throughout the world, spring means celebration of a great festival, ‘Easter.’ On the first Easter 2000 years ago Jesus rose from death and burst into life again. Jesus, came into this world to bring light, where there is darkness, healing where there is sickness, love where there is hate and peace where there is war.  But he also came to suffer and to die and Christian scholars interpret it as, his death meant life eternal for all the world. Spring brings with it a new life. Bulbs and seeds of various flowers lay quietly through winter, sleeping in the warm womb of the mother earth, but at this time of the year they begin to appear above the ground.   

Jesus when he died on Good Friday was laid in a tomb for three days, but on the third day a miracle happened, just like the seeds of the flowers which can not be contained in the earth, Jesus could not remain in the abyss of the earth. So on the third day, he burst open the tomb in which he laid and rose from death.  

2000 years ago on the first day of the week this is what happened in Jerusalem. Of course this caused a great stir among Jesus’ disciples who loved him and also a commotion and confusion among his adversaries.  However, just like the seed which has life in it and wants to come forth, similarly Jesus who had the power to give life to others could not remain in the tomb. This may have been quite a news story all those 2000 years ago and today still around the world this news of Jesus’ resurrection is shared with millions of Christians around the globe.

As you celebrate the joy of Easter this year, may the Lord fill you with his love and peace. Happy Easter to you all!

Fr. Timon Singh

Easter Edition 2012

Easter bursting into Life