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Memorial 6. The Waddilove Memorials

Interesting and unusual memorials can be found in any British cathedral. Quite by chance I came across the memorials of two brothers, Francis and Robert Waddilove, who died in Victorian times whilst serving Queen and country overseas, revealing once again the high cost of Empire. The inscriptions are very detailed and revealing.

Francis was an army officer and his memorial has two regimental flags draped across an urn with the lengthy inscription carved below.

Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant Francis William Waddilove of H.M.53 Rgt (Second surviving son of the Rev W.J.D.Waddilove) who fell victim of a long march, about 250 miles from Lahore to Rawal-Pindee in the Punjab, during the very hottest period of a season unusual even in the Indian climate, when according to the register kept with the Surveyor Generals office the heat exceeded 100 Degrees of Fahrenheit daily at noon in the shade.

On the 20th April the orders were for the Depot to remain at Lahore till the heats were over, but on the 27th these orders were  suddenly superseded by an order to march and on the 7th of May the 3 companies left Lahore, Lt Waddilove having charge of Company No 4.

After severe suffering, both by men and officers, the survivors reached their destination about the 28th of May, as on the 29th he was ‘on order for 6 months sick leave to the Northern hills. It was however too late and on the 4th of June he died of fever thus produced. Aged 25 years 11 months. And his remains sleep in the plains of Rawal-Pindee having served H.M. in Ireland, Canada, Nova Scotia and West and East Indies 7 years. His sorrowing parents erect this tablet in remembrance of a beloved and deservedly lamented child in this cathedral, his native place and in memory of the many who perished with him on this fatal march. August 31 1849.

What agonies and anger are revealed in this epitaph, presumably penned by the Revd Waddilove, deeply upset at what was an unnecessary death caused by army incompetence.

Just alongside is the memorial to his brother Robert Waddilove, a naval officer. A large anchor lying athwart a drowned sailor is depicted above the inscription.

Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul

Both sure and steadfast. Hebrews 6 19

Lieut Robert James Darley Waddilove R.N. of HMS America who died at sea October 7 1844 within a few days sail of Valparaiso. His remains are committed to the depths of the South Pacific, till that great day when earth and sea shall give up their dead. Aged 25 years 13 of which were spent in HM service.

He was born at Thorp May 12 1819 the eldest grandson of the Very Revd R.D.Waddilove D.D. many years Dean of this church.

This slab is dedicated to his memory by his Afflicted Parents. April 1st 1845.

John Symonds

Easter Edition 2012

The Waddilove Memorials - Ripon Cathedral

Memorials to Francis (left) and Robert (right)