The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


the new and unique Children’s Book….


sold in aid of Naomi House Children’s Hospice: for children in the 7-10 age group.

Our latest 1000 cheque to Naomi House from the sales of the book was duly presented just before Christmas last year at the Children’s Hospice shop in Romsey. This makes over 4000 presented so far from our readership. The total of books sold has risen to 400 and the response from the children is most encouraging... my thanks to all who have supported this project.  I should like to add that I would be happy to continue to respond to  invitations from schools, where I can explain the role of Naomi House to children in Years 3 and 4, ‘how and why’ the book came to be written, and read some of the actual story.

The sequel for the same age group... Pud Swan Again remains for future publication at the moment because time is now being spent on our newest book called England’s Story. This is a history of England from Julius Caesar to the present day, and will be fully illustrated, and in due course even more money may be raised for Children’s hospices in the U.K.

May I remind readers that the whole set of three parts [in a slip-case] is on sale for 20... or each part may be purchased separately for 8.99. Credit or Debit cards can be used to place orders ‘online’ via the Paypal button on the pud-swan website. Alternatively, Waterstones and other bookshops can supply them, and they are also available from the official Naomi House Shops and their website ‘shop’ in the gifts/toys and games sections... not forgetting also, that it can be obtained directly from the author and publisher, who can be contacted on 01264-365-190.

Those with access to Google Books can read the first twenty pages or so, completely free! As readers of my previous four reports will remember the book is Interactive in so far as the child readers are encouraged to do all their own illustrations by drawing or pasting their own pictures, and is entirely educational in its story line, thus promoting imagination and learning.

‘It makes a good gift and supports a good cause’.

Bryan Beggs, Author

Christmas Edition 2012

Hello Pud-Swan