The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Who am I?

No. 68

Please study the answers given by our mystery guest and guess who he/she is. The answer will appear in the next magazine.


1. When did you first start going to St George’s? 1976

2. What is your favourite sport to watch (if any)? Horse Shows

3. In what country were you born? Northumberland (now Tyne & Wear)

4. What is your favourite type of music? Light Classical and standards

5. Would you describe yourself as an avid reader? Yes

6. Do you have a pet? If so, what? No

7. Do you drive? Can but don’t

8. Who is your favourite author? Agatha Christie

9. Who do you think was the greatest Briton? Sir Winston Churchill

10. What is/ was your favourite subject at school? Mathematics

11. Do you enjoy cooking? No

12. What is your favourite sort of restaurant? Pub

13. Who is your favourite character from fiction? Hercule Poirot

14. Who is your favourite character(s) from history? Henry VIII

15. In what country do you most enjoy spending your holiday? Austria

16. What is your favourite hobby? Listening to music


Devised and researched by Tony Rice Oxley


Christmas Edition 2012

The Autumn 2012 issue “Who am I?” Was JENNEFER HIGGINBOTTOM