The Parish Church of St George the Martyr, Waterlooville


Lent is that period of time leading up to Holy week and Easter. Traditionally it’s a time when people think about their faith, they study the Word of God, they often seek forgiveness from God and then they make themselves ready to celebrate that greatest of all Christian feasts - Easter, the resurrection of Our Lord. This year at St. George’s, you’re being invited to think about your commitment to your Church and to study one book of the Bible, the Gospel of Mark. This will be done in different ways.

There are lots of different ways in which you can be involved in the life and worship of St. George’s Church. Starting with an introductory sermon at the Parish Eucharist on Sunday February 23rd, these will be explained. There'll be a special sermon on most Sundays throughout Lent. I hope that through Lent you will make a point of listening to them and reading the information which will be available. Can you support your Church practically or financially and can you support it by assisting with the Worship of the Church?

St. Mark’s Gospel is the shortest but most vivid of the four gospels. It paints a very real picture of life in the time of Jesus and it describes how Jesus taught the disciples and the crowds how to live following the commands of God. Unlike the other gospels, it was written by someone who was actually present with Jesus. Through Lent you can read a section of the Gospel each day and there’ll be three sessions on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings looking at the Gospel in more detail. Make sure you pick up a copy of the “Lent, Holy Week and Easter” leaflet which gives you details of the services and sessions through Lent as well as what to read from Mark each day. The book will be introduced in the sermons on Ash Wednesday.

Fr. Mike

Winter Edition 2014

From the Parish Priest