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Here are a few suggestions for your special reading during Lent.

Lent through the Cross by Graham Tomlin (The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book).

Everything looks different in this world through the lens of the Cross. This book deals with reconciliation, humility, identity, power, suffering, life and atonement. These are familiar themes for a Lent book but in Dr Tomlin’s hands they are given exciting new meaning which will touch the hearts and minds of men and women in a turbulent modern world. Dr Tomlin is a theologian of the first rank, but he is also a writer with a keen pastoral commitment, celebrated for his common touch. Ref 4075 (Continuum) 7.99

The Long Road to Heaven by Tim Heaton

The second Lent resource from the author of The Naturalist and the Christ explores Christian understandings of ‘salvation’ in a five-part study course based on the film The Way. Starring Martin Sheen as a bereaved Father, this soulful and uplifting film observes a group of pilgrims walking in the Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela. As it follows their journey of inner transformation, the course examines biblical accounts and images of salvation -  past, present and future. Ref 4087 (Circle Books) 6.99

Welcoming the Way of the Cross by Barbara Mosse

In today’s high-pressure, fast-paced culture, people crave space for rest and renewal, for restoration of both body and soul. The Bible Reading Fellowship’s Lent book for 2014 explores how creating this space can be part of Lenten discipline. Selecting daily readings from across the Bible, as well as drawing on her own extensive experience as a retreat leader and tutor in Christian spirituality, Barbara Mosse explores both the blessings and the challenges that will inevitably emerge as we embark on this kind of journey. Ref 4083 (BRF) 6.99

Another Story Must Begin by Jonathan Meyer. A Lent course based on Les Miserables

An original Lent course based on the film, the novel and the stage adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Through discussion of some of the themes and principal characters of this epic narrative, the course explores the grace of God and our own fallen state and opportunity for redemption, and helps us to reassess what we can do with our lives and for those around us.

Each session includes watching scenes from the Oscar-winning film (not included) starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway (with timing references for the DVD), and questions and reflections for group discussion. Ref 4128 (DLT) 5.49

Cover to Cover Lent: Centred on Christ by Michael Baughen

Taking examples from Paul’s life as demonstrated in his letter to the Philippians, Baughen challenges us to centre our lives in Christ. We are encouraged to reflect on the practical implications of embracing Christ’s mind-set as a loving, humble servant, considering the impact on relationships and witness in our personal and church families. And finally, to explore the peace of a Christ-centred life when we learn to rejoice in Christ and not in circumstances. Ref 4086 (CWR) 3.49

Barefoot Prayers. A Meditation A Day for Lent and Easter by Stephen Cherry

Stephen’s latest book is a sequence of beautifully crafted prayer-meditations providing simple yet profound spiritual nourishment for the Lenten season. The book gives an engaging introduction to the different ways that prayer can work in the lives of the busiest of Christians.

Barefoot Prayers is ideal for people who may have little time for sitting and reading but more time for thinking and reflecting. Ref 4173 (SPCK) 6.99

All suggestions taken from the January 2014 edition of Aslan Christian Books. 08453 679 676 or I can order for you.

Wishing you all a meaningful Lent and Joyous Easter.

Lynn Winter

Winter Edition 2014

Book Corner