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Here are some brand new title suggestions for early holiday reading.

Journey to the Empty Tomb, Exploring the final week of Jesus’s Life by Paula Gooder. This is the first volume in a new series from bestselling author Paula Gooder opening up the best of biblical scholarship, and focusing on the events leading up to the first Easter. Beginning with the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ending at the empty tomb. Paula uses her extensive knowledge of the world of the New Testament - its language and culture, to reveal fresh and startling insights and to open up hidden depths in these familiar stories.

Accessible and informed, it is aimed at all who wish to gain a fuller understanding of the Bible’s key themes and subjects.

Ref 4352 (Canterbury Press)(Aslan Price) 10.99

Holy Luck: The Beatitudes and the Kingdom in Poetry by Eugene Peterson. Throughout his many years in ministry, and as one of today’s leading spiritual writers, Eugene Peterson has found that almost everything he does as a pastor - preaching, teaching, praying, counselling and writing - involves words. To keep himself attuned to the power of words and to help him use language accurately and well, Peterson both reads and writes poetry.

Holy Luck presents three inspirational collections of Peterson’s poems, most of which have never before been published. These striking and beautiful poems explore the paradox of the Beatitudes and the surprising ordinariness of the Kingdom of God.

Ref 4375. (Aslan Price) 9.99

The Provocative Church (Fourth Edition with study guide) by Graham Tomlin. Surely people will only be intrigued by Christian Life and community when they see something provocative or attractive going on in the Church? Tomlin offers a liberating understanding of evangelism as a corporate activity, in which all the gifts needed to enact the life of the Kingdom - to stir people into asking, “What does it mean?” - Are spread throughout the whole Church. The book encourages the development of a theology of conversion that sees beyond ‘becoming a Christian’ to bring each individual life increasingly under the rule of God. Now in its fourth edition with study guide.

Ref 4327 (SPCK) (Aslan Price) 9.49

Bible to Go (Reading the Bible in Everyday Places) by Sister Elizabeth Pio. It’s easy to get absorbed by this hugely enjoyable and original book, in which Sister Elizabeth (aka ‘The Tweeting Nun’) invites us to read the Bible over a gingerbread latte in Costa Coffee; having a little something down The Rose and Crown; people watching at the train station; scrubbing up in the bathroom; foraging at the car boot sale; revving it up with Top Gear, and in the library.

Ref 4370 (SPCK)(Aslan Price) 6.99

Genesis: A Bibluffer’s Guide by Paul Kerensa. Let there be light (entertainment!) Try Eve’s apple crumble recipe. Study the scripts of The Jeremiah Kyle Show and Pharaoh’s Apprentice. Paul Kerensa introduces us to the big players in the Bible’s big opener in bite-sized sketches, spoofs and scribbles.

Boost your Bible knowledge with a grin with this fun, reverent and relevant tale of creation, nation and dream interpretation, via the invention of wine, language and bellybutton fluff.

Ref 4329 (DLT)(Aslan Price) 7.99

AHA The God moment that changes everything by Kyle Udleman. We’ve all had ‘aha’ moments in our lives - times when a sudden revelation surprises us with insight. According to pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman, we can experience this same kind of ‘aha’ in our spiritual lives. With everyday examples and trademark testimonies, Idleman draws on scripture to reveal how three key elements - Awakening, Honesty, Action - can draw us closer to God and change our lives for good.

Ref 4361 (David C Cook) (Aslam Price) 8.99

All suggestions taken from the May 2014 edition of Aslan Christian Books.  08453 679676 or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter

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